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I'm a sinner.

Jessica. Taken by Kevin John as of 4.12.13.<3 New Jersey is my location. My favorite color is red. I like lions. I'm a senior in highschool. I have purple hair, lobes stretched to a 00g, a medusa piercing, a nostril piercing, 2 helixes, and my second hole on my lobes. My goal size for my ears is 3/4ths. I DO NOT take credit for any of the following unless they are of my possession. If they are mine, I will say so.I post the following: nudes, fucking, piercings, tattoos, any&all body mods, girls, guys, animals, music, boobs, ass, penis, vagina, religious, satan, sin, sexual, lanscapes, drugs, illegal activities, & anything else I find interesting, beautiful, vulgar, or funny. "Oh and I've got soft hands that could ruin lives, and a pair of green eyes that could burn you."-Author Unknown.  Soul(s) Perishing.

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11:12pm, 5th June 2013
tags:    #weed #jesus #pope #hit that shit #cross #holy #holy spirit #holy stoned #holy tap dancing jesus #wait a minute #white girl wasted #gone #faded #stoned
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